In Honor Of Military Families and Their Perseverance

I am the granddaughter of a WWI veteran.  I am the daughter of a Korean War and Vietnam War veteran.  Of my four brothers, two are vets; one served in the Gulf War.  I am the aunt to a nephew, who served in the Marines, and a niece and nephew in the Air Force.  Honor the men, women and their families that serve to protect and defend our country. 

See you on the road,


James Durbin Day

I started thinking of how many times in my life I had seen a famous local celebrity. Truth is. I don't remember. So I convinced RD to act as my point man and trekked to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to participate in James Durbin Day.

30,000 people all in one area? And me? How could I not have fun? And all I wanted was one picture. I started by stepping in front of the police cruisers escorting Durbin to the stage. I raised my camera. He turned around. I clicked.

Watsonville Apple Murals

The ocean decorates one wall of the central valley in California. Murals decorate many others. This slideshow illustrates early twentieth century apple crate labels. Watsonville, Ca decided to pay homage to apple growers, local businesses and the mural artists in this brochure, showcasing each mural. I decided to honor them by following the brochure map to take my pictures.


Beaches and Central California

Central California beaches deserve more than the typical, "This is me. These are my dogs. This is our walking beach" attention.

Sand dollars are common, but sand castles are not. Especially a castle with two swimming pools.

Beaches are a place to send messages. Most people prefer a message in a bottle. However, this beach person climbed a pole and created an unusual apology. Do signs on poles work better than messages in bottles?

You can find rock art on the beach. And create your own. Mine is the one on the left.

While on the beach, kite flying is better than cable T.V.

There's always a place to sit.

Sea birds are plentiful...

Human birds - not so much

But there are always the seals. Lots and lots of seals.