Day 5 - Iron Butt 4810

Iron Butt 4810 - Day 5

A long straight haul today took us through rural New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and into Indiana. Doesn’t sound like much, but we racked up 730 miles in gusting winds under threatening cloud cover. Do they get tornadoes in this part of the country? If there was a tornado, where would a person riding on a motorcycle park?

We met another motorcyclist on our break in Ohio that was traveling behind us and got caught in a hailstorm. He had to pull over. A family in a SUV let him crawl in with them to wait it out. He was pretty shook up. I don’t blame him. He didn’t have a helmet on. We got lucky and breezed right through the middle of two fronts in sunshine and NO RAIN!!!!

We have a problem with our intercom system. RD can hear me, but I can’t hear him. So we had to resort to sign language. He actually got mad at me because I couldn’t read his made up language. Well gesturing right back at ya buddy.

The scenery was kind of monotonous through Ohio, which left me free to watch people and do my favorite thing – make up stories about people I don’t know. I’ve single handedly made more people I never knew do more things they’ve never done than anyone else on the planet. Here’s an example:

Yesterday a man blew by us in a box (car) with a sign in his window that said, “FEMA. Disaster Relief Vehicle.” He was heading towards Iowa with New York plates. Probably on his way to help in the flood areas, but here’s the real story.

Just as Joe’s wife was notified that her elderly mother had taken a turn for the worse, the phone rang.

“We need you, Joe,” the FEMA director said quietly, “the levy isn’t holding and it’s going to be bad.”

“You gotta go Joe,” his wife said before he could protest. “They need you.”

“Oh great!” yelled Brian, Joe’s son from his third marriage. “I guess this means I don’t get the car again!”

Or something like that.

They have travel malls here for rest stops. You pull into a huge parking lot and a big building offers McDonalds, Starbucks, Pop Eye Chicken, Chinese food and Sweet treats. A gift shop. Restrooms and family restrooms. Not sure what a family restroom is. Do they all shower together or something? Didn’t explore.

I scared a lady from India. We were making a very late stop to add our liners and she was walking the parking lot. A sport started by sore and weary long distance travelers. Parking lot walking. It should be in the next Olympics. Anyway, I was getting my liners out and looked at her as she passed and said hello. She grimaced – as in frowned – and scurried away. I got my feelings hurt a little. Until I went into the bathroom.

My headgear under my helmet is a single piece that covers my head and neck. It itches, so all day I move the helmet to scratch my head and by the end of the day my face is framed in some pretty wild hair. I looked like the Red Power Ranger with a horrible facial growth. I sat on the bathroom floor and laughed until my stomach hurt. Poor woman. We’d seen her and her family at the rest stop in Cleveland.

She probably thought I was following her. Scaring her. And now trying to be her friend! I wonder what kind of stories she’s making up about me!

RD is a little disheartened after today’s run. He’s fretting about mileage, thinking the route could be better. I’m trying to remind him of a few realities:

One – we’ve never done this before, so how can we fail? It’s all a creation in the making. Some days are great and some are power rangers with horrible facial growth.

Two – We have 28 states under our belt that we did not have five days ago.

Three – We average 800 miles a day. +/- 800 miles a day is an awesome feat even though it is hard on our seats. (smiling)

Four – We survived the Bronx!

See you on the road,


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