I Ride For Pie

Would a very tasty something called “Special Desert” justify getting on a motorcycle during questionable weather, like a pending tornado or thunderstorm from hell? Would a nice big piece of pie be worth traveling 600 miles in one day through said questionable weather? Apparently the answer is yes if you’re talking about the pie from Koffee Kafe Family Restaurant in Hico, Texas. Anything on the menu will work.

Sunday dawned with very questionable weather. A little on the cool side with a small window of opportunity for another training session on our BMW 1100 RT. We rode a tiny bit over 300 miles on the last run. To complete our Iron Butt 4810 ride, we’ll need to travel at least 800 plus per day. It was time to step up the training and log some miles.

I was still a little bit in the doghouse over our last ride to a historical insane asylum at Ft. Supply, Oklahoma. Who knew it was now a prison? So I conceded that maybe I wasn’t the best navigator in the world. It was my husband, RD’s turn to pick the road trip. Hico, Texas was his choice. We headed South from El Reno, Oklahoma on Highway 81.

Be careful when crossing the Canadian River. One morning about 5:30 a.m. we almost had an unfortunate run in with wildlife. We all know the danger lurking on the back roads. Deer, turkeys, road kill. All have the ability to turn a nice ride into disaster. But no one ever said a word about wild owls getting a drink on the river. We crossed the bridge just as he ascended from the riverbank. The wingspan was awesome. Bigger than our motorcycle. I saw his eyes. Never a good sign where wildlife and motorcycles meet. He swerved up. RD veered right and ducked. I swallowed my husband’s head. Helmet and all.

Once we hit Chickasha, Oklahoma, we got on the H. E. Bailey Turnpike and stayed south all the way to The Red River. We continued on 281 South through Wichita Falls, Mineral Wells and Stephenville to Hico. At the crossroads of Highway 6, 220 and 281, you will see the Koffee Kup Family Restaurant. It is worth the ride. The chicken fried steak and pork steak are as awesome as the wingspan of a wild owl. RD splurged on chocolate crème pie, leaving me with the “Special Desert” that came with his special of the day. Smooth, sweet, vanilla and coconut. Perfection on a plate.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I agree. Once RD was full he indulged in my historical curiosity. Without me asking or begging. He offered to investigate the “Billy the Kid Museum” located a few blocks down the road from the Koffee Kafe. The museum and several other stores make up about 2 blocks of early 1900 storefronts. You see them a lot in this part of the country and while it’s easy to become immune, I never get tired of the architectural design of each one. I’m an arch addict.

Turns out there’s a feud between Ft. Sumner, New Mexico and Hico, Texas. Both claim the remains of the notorious Billy The Kid outlaw of the 1880’s. Ft. Sumner buried Bill after he was shot by Pat Garrett as their story goes. Hico buried Billy after he survived being shot by Pat Garrett, changed his name to Brushy Bill Roberts and died an old man. The story is fascinating. Especially when I did a little digging and found out Ft. Sumner has 2 Billy the Kid museums complete with graves. Three museums, three Billy the Kids, three different stories and all because RD woke up today and wanted pie. Who needs fiction?

See you on the road,


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