Sport Touring Utah National Parks on a Motorcycle

Thursday was our day to play. We’ve been gone from home for 5 days and 6 nights. We’ve traveled through Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Utah. Today we got off the main highways. I wanted to slow down and indulge in photography and sightseeing. RD wanted some fun. He had been in the Zion National Park and the Bryce Canyon National Park on an earlier trip, so he agreed to take me on a tour.

The temperature was still cool in the desert, when we left Mesquite, Nevada. By the time we go up into the hills of Utah there wasn’t too much of a warm up. The sky was so clear and the wind was kind. No gusting belly slammers.

Once we got into Zion, I was blown away by how red the mountains were. I didn’t even mind the small tunnels dotted here and there. In my photos it almost looks like a Martian landscape. The contrast between red cliffs and blue sky is that unreal.

Today RD danced with me on the The Mistress. I can always tell when he’s relaxed and having fun. We’ll hit a stretch of long straight road and RD will lean from side to side, weaving the bike back and forth. It feels like a sideways rocking chair. I usually close my eyes, enjoying the sensation of his “motorcycle waltz.”

When we stopped at Bryce Canyon, I giggled about a sign warning of dangerous cliffs. It thought, “Well, duh.” Then we started climbing the path to the cliffs over looking the canyons. Before we got to the lookout the fence ended. Just that quick my fear of heights kicked in.

I froze.

RD laughed.

I grabbed the nearest solid thing. Him.

He still laughed.

I felt the edge of the world drop away at my feet, and I was going over next, when I heard a very quiet, “You OK?”

We got to the lookout, which I’m happy to say had a very stout metal fence and guard rail. RD took most of the pictures because I needed both hands to cling. I took a picture of the sign. I think it should be six feet tall with giant arms that slap parachutes on your back as you climb the path. Just a suggestion.

After the canyons, we descended pretty quickly into desert. As we crossed the Colorado state line, the terrain was flat with couple of mesas breaking the horizon.

We stopped in Parachute, Colorado for an early evening. We’d played all day on the twisty turny mountain roads. Mileage was low – a little over 400 miles. Dramatic sweeping landscapes were in abundance. And then we danced.

See you on the road,


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