2009 Ducati Streetfighter Coming Out Party

I’ve never given much thought to naked motorcycles. At first I thought RD was pulling my leg. He does that to me on occasion. Like when we were dating, he told me Oklahoma had only one tree with a fence around it, and if I came home with him, he’d take me to see the tree. Twenty-six years later, I can’t believe I fell for that one.

I fell equally hard for Ducati motorcycles. I love our BMW 1100 RT. I do. We’ve had a total blast on “The Mistress” and I’m not ready to give her up yet. But if we could add to the family, it would be a Ducati.

According to their website they pride themselves on creating iconic naked motorcycles. I loved the look of the Monster the first time I saw it. And its suspension was low enough to boost my confidence level. Then BMW/Ducati in OKC held its “Streetfighter” premier party over Memorial Day weekend. I was having fun chatting with people and taking pictures. When the Streetfighter was unveiled, I almost missed my photo opportunity. I’ve got to do something about my “shock and awe” phase when I’m supposed to be taking pictures.

The Streetfighter has an upright riding position, minimalist controls and a mean looking front. On the “S” version standard equipment includes a Ducati Traction Control system that is equivalent to having another brain on board and Ohlin’s suspension. Two things I’m thinking you would need on a bike this light with this much horsepower. Ducati describes it as having the “Soul of a superbike – attitude of a fighter.” I like that.

The crowd of over 250 seemed to approve. As did over 40,000 readers of the top Italian motorcycle magazine, Motociclismo, when they made the Streetfighter the 2009 Bike of the Year and gave it top prize in the naked bike category.

The Streetfighter coming out party brought out CMRA Champion, Van Blaylock. Van’s day job has him flying planes for the US Air Force, but on the weekends he’s flying around tracks. My father was a paramedic in the Air Force, which kept me surrounded by some pretty interesting adrenalin junkies. I’ve become curious about men/women whose jobs are dangerous and what they do to have fun. What takes the edge off risking your life and surviving? Some drink. But some play tennis. I met one who taped a rubber duck on his chest to shoot a video while skydiving and broke every rib when he landed. But it wasn’t Van. He currently rides a 2007 1098S Ducati while road racing in Texas. Find out more at

I asked why he rode. “Motorcycles are the perfect instrument of sport,” he said, “They can provide relief, test your courage, your ability to think and act, all while completely occupying your consciousness.” Bravo. Living in the moment isn’t as easy as people think, but Van gets it. And most passionate riders feel the same.

Another guest was Mary Fallin, who also won a pair of motorcycle sunglasses. Who knew she rode?

Top the party off with food from Ned’s catering, excellent servers, music from DJ Connections and a parking lot full of visiting bikers and you have nothing but fun.

Speaking of fun, check out this promo site from Ducati for their newest baby here.


  1. very cool. The streetfighter is a very sweet looking bike can't wait till we have the money to be able to own one or two of these bad boys. The monster isn't such a bad bike either. Great job on the article it sounds like you guys had a blast. Love ya, Angela

  2. In light of your article, which I enjoyed reading, by the way, there is not much difference between grandchildren and motorcycles. Grandchildren provide beautiful memories which can be pulled up at a moments thought, thus, giving relief when one is unable to do anything, they most definitely will test ones courage as you put yourself between them and the jerk approaching them and certainly improves ones ability to think faster than a speeding bullet when they ask pertinent questions such as,: WHY are we getting tossed out of an estate sale; and all the time they never leave your thoughts and heart. Motorcycles - Grandchildren - wonderfully similar. Really enjoy your writing style. Keep it up.