Arlo Guthrie's Motorcycle Song

Sometimes, like on Mondays, a good story gets the juice flowing. Yesterday was my SECOND riding lesson on the VESPA. This song kept running through my head. Then all of a sudden I saw a pole. And it was the day I saw a tree in front of me when I was practicing shifting gears all over again. Arlo tells it better courtesy of "jguth3" at YouTube.

There was a cop, but he just waved. RD almost had a panic attack, but he recovered very well, especially when I swerved around the pole. Me? At the last minute I remembered to stop fixating on the pole. I swerved and accelerated. Then stopped. Note to self: Get to the bottom of your fixation for trees and light poles.

Of course, you know this is just the beginning of my Vespa Ventures.

See you on the road


  1. I don't want a Pickle, just want to ride my motorycycel.......I dont to die, just want to ride my ...

    You'll learn the Vspa. Watch the bars. They are much lighter and quicker than bikes.

  2. Vespas were quite popular when I was in high school in the '60s, but I never had the courage to ride one. Hooray for Donna for doing it!