Grand Canyon of Arkansas

What could be better than heading out on a cool morning on the back of a BMW motorcycle to tour the Grand Canyon? In July? Are you nuts? Only if going to the Grand Canyon in Arkansas is considered insanity. Here’s what crazy gets you. Green hills and valleys covered with trees. Twisty roads that are just plain fun when you’re fresh from a good nights sleep. Bacon, eggs and biscuits with a glorious view. And teaching RD how to stop and smell the roses.

So we didn’t see any roses and drove too fast to smell them, but the scenery on Highway 7 going south from Harrison, Arkansas was our version of living in the moment. We sat eating breakfast at the Cliff House Inn in Jasper, Arkansas overlooking the canyon. Gorgeous.

Arkansas is pretty surprising. When we got home, I did a little more investigating. We haven’t even begun to explore the roads on the west part of the state. More will follow. But for now, enjoy the pictures while I think of ways to convince RD that every ride does not have to be an Iron Butt. All suggestions will be welcome.

See you on the road,


  1. Your pictures are great! I can't believe how pretty that part of Arkansas was. I was literally stunned!

  2. Most of the pictures on my 'ancient' computer were blurred BUT they proved that Arkansas is truly gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. P.S. Tell RD to try "Anti-Monkey Butt Powder" - a 'sweat absorber AND Friction Fighter'. The store clerk at Westlake Ace Hardware in OKC told me that bike riders LOVE it. Beats me how POWDER can keep friction to a bearable level but who knew!! (Washington could use this product now.):)