Have been watching this kid's videos for a week. This is only one, but it has him doing some pretty cool stunts. Go to YouTube and search for heritageart. His name is Dakota and he is 11 years old. ELEVEN years old. Also check out his website at

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  1. I remember Daddy making us kids a 'scooter' using a board, broomstick and wheels from an old pair of roller skates. Insttead of a ramp like Dakota used, we roamed the country roads, driveways and pastures going as fast as our legs could push, glide, push, glide. Had no protective head gear or any other gear. Our desire was the same - go fast in a way that had never been done before and to just have a blast. Am glad to see that he uses a helmet. Good job son. VERY impressive. Some things never change while changing at the same time.