Funny Motorcycle Commercial - Suzuki

OK, I'm sorry but this is hilarious. Thanks to systemops on You Tube for this video. I see more of these in my future. Let the laughter begin!


The Reason I Do It All

Thanks to "sierrabmw" for reminding me why I do all this. This video is for all cross country motorcyclists and the people that follow us. See you on the roads.


1950 Motorcycle Video

These guys take "Motorcycle Cop" to a completely different level. And they did this in 1950! Thanks to "actualreverend" on YouTube.


World Champion Vespa Stunt Jumper

Sometimes you have to take a step back. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes you have to say, hey, it's Friday. Sometimes you have to take a chance and risk it all just for the adventure. But in the end? All you need is love and two wheels! Many thanks to "glossytube" on Youtube for this wonderful reminder. Enjoy.


Have been watching this kid's videos for a week. This is only one, but it has him doing some pretty cool stunts. Go to YouTube and search for heritageart. His name is Dakota and he is 11 years old. ELEVEN years old. Also check out his website at


Roller Babies fight dehydration on wheels

Summer Safety Tip: Drink plenty of water courtesy of EvianBabies video on YouTube.


Motorcycle Freedom a.k.a. City Madness in Athens

My earliest motorcycle experiences were in Europe. This video could explain a few things. OK, Jan, can I do this on a Vespa?

Courtesy of "Okinvold" video on YouTube titled, "City Madness."

Segway Musicians "Glissendo"

How does a conversation like this go? "Hey friends, let's all jump on segways and play our instruments with burning torches on our heads!" More amazing 2 wheel fun from TupeDupe on YouTube titled "Lightening." The fire path at the end is amazing.


Arlo Guthrie's Motorcycle Song

Sometimes, like on Mondays, a good story gets the juice flowing. Yesterday was my SECOND riding lesson on the VESPA. This song kept running through my head. Then all of a sudden I saw a pole. And it was the day I saw a tree in front of me when I was practicing shifting gears all over again. Arlo tells it better courtesy of "jguth3" at YouTube.

There was a cop, but he just waved. RD almost had a panic attack, but he recovered very well, especially when I swerved around the pole. Me? At the last minute I remembered to stop fixating on the pole. I swerved and accelerated. Then stopped. Note to self: Get to the bottom of your fixation for trees and light poles.

Of course, you know this is just the beginning of my Vespa Ventures.

See you on the road


Motorcycles are dangerous? What about skydiving without a parachute?

So are cars, wild animals, step-ladders and germs. But we take driving lessons, avoid wild animals, make sure the ladder is not broken BEFORE we get on it and wash our hands. But somebody please explain this video to me from wakooz. Is that my brother?


"The Day You Went To Work" Motorcycle Safety Video

All week I've heard the roar of bikes going by as I work. The weather is "just the right temp but could use a little less wind" perfect for riding. This video was recommended by another biker, Please See Us, on twitter. Watch it. Then watch out. The clip was made by TFL Motorcycle Safety from Simswebstudio. Ride to ride again.