Harris Ranch, Coalinga, Ca

When I found out that BMW/Yamaha of Santa Cruz County was hosting a group ride to Harris Ranch, I had mixed feelings. Would this be like a dude ranch? Would we have to move the herd to water? On horses? What about bulls? I don’t have a good history with bulls. Would there be calf nut removal?

The motorcycle wranglers headed towards the mountains from Watsonville. The beautiful fog draped mountains.

We stopped at the Tres Pinos Country Store for a stretch/bathroom/coffee break. And decided this would be a perfect advertisement for BMW.

Highway 25 to Coalinga had lots of stretch

and long sweeping turns

And more BMW photo ops.

Then suddenly I was home again. Grasshoppers.


And buffalo. Wait! They have pet buffalo in California?

And lots of waving. I love the waving. It takes my mind off the ranch I know is coming. And I go back to fretting about what ranch life is like for people who keep pet buffalo.

Then I see this. California ranchers have shell stations on their spreads? And Palm trees? I can feel RD's grin. I may have been set up.

So I pretended I knew all along, this was a fork in the road resort. And started taking artsy shots like this. But inside I'm thinking, "Palm trees on a ranch?"

The cowboys dismounted and tied their horses under trees in the parking lot.

A hotel for the overnight dude ranchers.

And a welcoming entrance for the outriders.

We headed to the chuck wagon and gathered around the campfire.

I wandered away to do research on my first California ranch house.

I tried to order a set of these.

Instead they brought me this, the biggest prime rib sandwich I've ever seen.

When it was time to hit the trail, I followed RD, plotting my payback for leading me on.

But so glad he did.

Thankful for my fellow motorcycle cowboys. For the mountains. For the long sweeping turns. For the lack of bulls and calf nuts. And this tree.

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